Great Bridge High School

Oh Yeah! It's on. Twenty years in the making.

You blinked and it happened. We're no longer in first bell. However, the proverbial hands of time are giving us a chance to zero the clock and go back.

Ready to catch up and have fun?

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Class spirit

An anonymous alumni has donated several tickets to the reunion. If it hasn't been in your financial cards to attend Sunday night and you're still interested in going, please send an email to reunion at gbhs95 dot com. No questions.

The donor has requested to remain anonymous. In addition, the donor does not want to know their gift's recipients (only one person on the committee will know - you will remain anonymous). The idea is to make sure that everyone who wants to be at the reunion has a chance to be there.

Even if you aren't the tangible recipient, we all benefit from this gift. It truly is in the spirit of reconnecting and gives us all ample reason to pay the gift forward in our everyday lives. Thank you, donor!

Saddle up and get your reunion on!

We get it. There are millions of reasons to not attend your reunion. We don't need to go there. However, it's not about why you shouldn't go. It's about why you should go.

This is not about other alumni, reliving the glory days, or even you. It's about eighteen year old you. It's about remembering what it feels like to look at the world with everything in front of you and no real idea of what lies ahead. It's about remembering what it feels like to have all the answers and still have so many questions. You may be older and wiser but that doesn't negate the fact that it'll always be necessary to reconnect with that younger version of you.

There's something to be said about being in the physical presence of your past. You can't get there by text, email, phone, or Facebook. You have to be present. Truly present. If you go and you're open and honest, you will feel. You will remember. You will not only reconnect with the people you grew up with, you will reconnect with the younger version of you. That's not only fun, it's important.

Life yearns to give amazing experiences to us everyday. However, it's also everyday life that sometimes prevents us from seeing the path to those experiences. Clear the path and say hello to you - 20 years younger - this Memorial Day weekend.

Okay. Maybe a bit melodramatic. But (insert melodramatic pause here) maybe not.

See you soon!

It's close and we need your help

If there's a theme to this website (beside black and white and yearbook photos), it's that we need your help in making the reunion reach its potential.

Sharing this website, logging in (top right hand corner), and adding people to our Facebook group (lower right hand corner) are all little things that you can do that go a long way in helping make the reunion a success.

It's all about you

We're piecing together an awesome reunion. We're handling all the details and setting the stage for a hella-good weekend. No doubt. It'll be a fun time!

But it won't mean anything without you. Quite simply: the more of us, the better the reunion. We need you and we need your help spreading the word.

Here's to twenty years ago, twenty years gone by, and an even better tomorrow. It may not seem like that long ago but if what others say is true: the next twenty will go even faster. Come share and reconnect before we repeat another semester of life and are left staring directly at the face of our 60th birthdays.

Memorial Day weekend 2015

Two events. One weekend. The people you grew up with - just twenty years wiser.

Saturday, May 23, 2015 we'll be meeting at the Great Bridge Lock Park. Bring the entire family and enjoy a care free afternoon.

The following night (Sunday), leave the kids at home and join us at the Yacht Club at Marina Shores. Don't feel obligated to arrive in your yacht. Helicopters and limos acceptable, too.

Additional information is posted on the reunion page.

Got questions?

Stop by our email box. Open morning, noon, and night. Days ending in 'y'. Response time varies.